How Do You Decide Who To Follow on Twitter

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How Do You Decide Who To Follow on Twitter
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We both like social media and see the value of being connected to people we have come to know and communicate with on a daily basis.  Our favorite amongst the social media platforms we belong to is Twitter.  Twitter is special to us because it has allowed for our paths to cross.

For those like us who have been on Twitter for over 2 years or more, one thing that we have realized is that in order for one to really enjoy the experience, one should have quality not just quantity in terms of the people they follow.  But the big question is how do you decide who to follow on Twitter?  We posted the question on Twitter and here are some of the response we got.


Thank you   .  If you were not able to participate in this conversation, we would still want to hear from you.  Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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About the authors:

Marty McPadden founder  and host of PodJamTv is a professional photographer, videographer, blogger, apple geek and a Production Supervisor at ESPN one of the largest sports network in the world.  His vast knowledge in the above mentioned field will allow you our readers to tap into tools, apps, reviews and tips that he has learned and mastered over the years.  How to’s and hacks that will allow you to have a richer online experience.

Misty Belardo co host and co writer of PodJamTv is an experienced blogger, designer and a self proclaimed Twitter-holic and an avid Facebook user is a Senior Production Manager at Barefoot Proximity, one of the most awarded advertising agencies across the globe.   Her experience with writing, designing, SEO and brand and advertising strategy will give readers a point of view of what happens behind the scenes in the digital sphere.



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  • /1486569297 Gerry Belardo

    Congratulations Marty and Misty! Great work and I’ll surely be looking out for more updates from PodJamTV!!!

    • martymcpadden

      Thank you so much Gerry for all your support!! It really means a lot to us!!! :-)

  • Misty Belardo

    Thank you sis! We cannot thank you enough for your support! I love it that blogging runs in our family!! w00t

  • Leo Widrich

    Wow, as usual, you guys are setting the bar high for what it means to be innovative in blogging. Thanks for a lot of inspiration on why we should follow others, I am going to try a few of these techniques. I hope I might be able to use this way of creating a blogpost in the future, with reference to you Misty and Marty of course!

    So, what can I say? In the Buffer it goes – twice!

    • martymcpadden

      Thank you Leo!!! Coming from you it means a lot to us! It was a blast getting everyone’s input and creating our first PodJamTV video. Much more to come!! Thanks again my friend for all your kind words and support!! :-)

  • Mick Gill

    Great Job Guys. Very Cool and innovative with the Video. Helps that you’re good looking Peeps:-)

    • martymcpadden

      Thank you Mick!! We have lots more video and other cool stuff planned. Thanks for all your support!!

  • Misty Belardo

    Thank you so much Mick for all your support! We had a blast doing our first shoot, More tips and more info to come! You Rock!!

  • Hein Kuenen

    Brilliant start and I’m honoured to be with / in it :-) Keep it up you guys!

    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you so much Hein for taking time to participate and share your thoughts with us. Really wonderful to share with the community.

  • martymcpadden

    YAY!!! Thank you Hein!!! It was our honor to include you in our video my friend!! Lots more fun stuff in the pipeline!! :-)

  • Steve Woods

    Just came across this video! You two work great together, and I’m always happy to hear your voice, Misty my friend! Thanks for taking the time to share from the heart, and to include so many others in your video. I’ll be sure to share it out, and I’m looking forward to the next installment!

    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you so much Steve for your overwhelming love and support!! We really appreciate you taking time to watch the video. Our aim really is to give the community a venue to air their opinions and thoughts. So much more planned. Marty and I had a blast doing the episodes. Thank you for the advise on just getting out there and being ourselves, It is the only way to go!

  • martymcpadden

    Thank you so much Steve!!! We had a blast creating this first video post. We’re looking forward to creating many more fun videos and posts and sharing with this wonderful community! Thanks again for you kind words and encouragement. It really means a lot to us!!!!

  • Krystyn

    Great video! Love your faces, too. Nice and clear… this rocked. Props Marty & Misty!

    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you so much Krys!! We had so much fun doing the video. Marty is a natural and I am learning a lot from him :)

  • martymcpadden

    Thank you very much Krys!!! We had so much fun shooting our first video. We were a little nervous putting ourselves out there but with all the encouragement we’ve been receiving, it’s been fun!!! We’re planning lots more cool stuff, including more video and on-location posts. Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. You have been an inspiration to us to do this and we’re having a blast!!!!


    I Love this….and it was sooo good to hear both Your voices! This is going to be a great site! Can’t wait to see what You have coming up! CONGRATS Again on PodJamTV!! J’adore vous deux

    • Misty Belardo

      Ellie!!!!! Thank you so much!! Your support means so much to the both of us!

  • martymcpadden

    Thank you Ellie!!!! We had a lot of fun shooting it and putting together the final video post. We have lots more planned so stayed tuned. We love connecting with you and everyone in the Twitter community. PodJamTV just takes it to another level!!! Thanks again my friend for all the encouragement and support!! :-)

  • Etailer/UsabilityPro

    Great video guys. Would be even better if you slowed it down a bit from quote to quote as was tough to read them fast enough or it’s been a long hard day for me ;-)

    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you for your feedback. We will most definitely look into that.

  • martymcpadden

    Thank you very much for your comment. We will definitely take a look at that for our next video.

  • Rob Cairns

    Great video guys and well done:)

    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you Rob!! We had fun doing the video and looking forward to sharing more :)

  • Marty McPadden

    Thanks Rob!! Like Misty said, we had a blast doing the video and have a lot more fun stuff planned. Thank you my friend for all your support!! :-)

  • Lionel Faleiro

    Just realized that PodJamTV is you both. So far loving the site design and totally enjoyed this vid. Keep it coming!

    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you so much Lionel for your support. Marty and I really appreciate it! More videos to come for sure =)

  • Marty McPadden

    Thank you so much Lionel!! We really appreciate your support my friend!! Lots more cool stuff coming including much more video! :-)

  • LoriMoreno

    Glad I followed You Too Awesomes! XOX Love You!

    • Marty McPadden

      Thank you so much Lori!!! You are the best and we really appreciated your wonderful support!! :-) )