Our 7 Favorite iPhone Photography Apps For Your Enjoyment

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Our 7 Favorite iPhone Photography Apps For Your Enjoyment
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One thing we both love to do is take photos and share them online.  We both believe that taking pictures is a great way to capture any moment.  Like a time capsule that you can just go back to and relive the memories.  We make it a point to take photos whenever we are together or just take them and share with each other.

The advantage of our partnership is that one is an eager student  while one is a seasoned photographer .  Since we both are on the go most of the time, our iPhone still remains the best tool to use when we take photographs of the things that catch our attention.

People like to use apps that can enhance and make an image come alive and in one of our conversations we agreed that we would love to share our favorite photography apps to our readers here at PodJamTV.  We hope that you try them out.

instagram icon photography appInstagram – Instagram is a great application that is free on the App Store.  It is really simple and easy to use.  One can either take a photo or use pictures contained in your mobile phone’s library.  There are several filters that you can use to turn your pictures into works of art.  Before you hit next to submit, you can write a caption and Geotag, plus have the option to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare.

One Hundred Camera App100 Cameras In 1- Inspired by famed photographer Trey Ratcliff, 100 Cameras in One is a beautiful looking app. The name describes the app perfectly as you get 100 different preset filters to apply to your images. Each filter is highly customizable and you’re able to see your results in real time. The user interface is simple and stunningly beautiful. This is a perfect app for those who want to experiment with cool filters but are scared off by other more complicated and confusing photo editing apps. It lets you be creative without all the hassle of learning complex software. You can share your finished creations on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr SmugMug and Dropbox right from inside the app.

filterstorm app icon from iTunes Filterstorm- this is simply one of the best and most comprehensive photo editing tools available for the iPhone and one of the best values for the money. Filterstorm contains a huge variety  of photo editing tools that is like having a simple version of Photoshop in your pocket. The range of editing tools and filters on this app is mind boggling. Some of the features include: full control over contrast, color balance and saturation, cropping, image rotation and straightening, vignetting, sharpen and blur, noise reduction the list goes on and on. You can save and send your finished images to your Dropbox, Flickr or email. This is a universal app which means it works on your iPad as well. There is also a pro iPad version that adds several high end tools targeted at professionals and serious amateurs.

Camera + app icon from iTunes  Camera+ – effectively replaces the native camera app on your iPhone and adds a ton of cool features. One of the best features is the ability to adjust your focus and exposure separately by multitouch gestures. You can also use the iPhone 4 LED flash as a always on fill light and use the built in stabilizer to improve the sharpness of your photos. Some of the other features include an on screen grid to help with aligning your shots, 6x digital zoom, automated scene modes to capture a particular mode with no fuss and tons of special effects. You can even add one of several cool boarders to your photos. Camera+ allows you to share your images on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr right from the app.

 pocketbooth app icon from iTunes PocketBooth-  This fun app reminds me of when we had those massive photo booths where you and your friends can have pictures taken together and have the option to have 4 poses in one sitting.  Pocketbooth does the same thing without the hassle of a huge booth.  You can also keep the photos in your library or send them instantly to Twitter, Facebook to share with friends and family.  You also have the option to print your photo.  The app is not free though, costs $.099 in the app store, but well worth every cent.

Photosynth app icon from iTunesPhotosynth -  This app is free on the app store.  The main feature of this app is that it allows users to take panoramic shots through interactive capture.  What is so cool is that you are not limited to taking panoramic shots from left to right but also one can take shots up and down enabling one to capture full sphere.  After you are done you can share your photos to your friends on Facebook as an interactive photo or a simple image.

tilt shift focus app iconTilt Shift Focus -  Along with HDR (high dynamic range) photography, tilt shift images are really hot right now. Tilt shift focus makes it look like your photographing everything in miniature. With the Tilt Shift Focus app, you can now create this effect with your iPhone. What I really like about this app is the level of control it gives you when creating your images. You can let the app do all the work or take full control of all the settings. It gives you full control of the the blur, focus and contrast settings using your iPhone camera or an image from your camera roll or photo library. After you create your photo, you can share it to Twitter, Facebook or by email right from the app.

There you go, 7 photography apps that we hope can make your experience fun and interactive.  Maybe you have apps that you want to share for us to try or review, leave a comment and we will be happy to give you feedback.

We are also excited to let everyone know that we are in the process of putting together tips and tricks on photography.  They are now in the works and we will be sharing with you, our valued readers, in the coming weeks.


About the authors:

Marty McPadden founder  and host of PodJamTv is a professional photographer, videographer, blogger, apple geek and a Production Supervisor at ESPN one of the largest sports network in the world.  His vast knowledge in the above mentioned field will allow you our readers to tap into tools, apps, reviews and tips that he has learned and mastered over the years.  How to’s and hacks that will allow you to have a richer online experience.

Misty Belardo co host and co writer of PodJamTv is an experienced blogger, designer and a self proclaimed Twitter-holic and an avid Facebook user is a Senior Production Manager at Barefoot Proximity, one of the most awarded advertising agencies across the globe.   Her experience with writing, designing, SEO and brand and advertising strategy will give readers a point of view of what happens behind the scenes in the digital sphere.

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  • http://about.me/sandmaxprime Lionel Faleiro

    An amazing list of useful Photography apps. 100 Cameras in 1 has an iPad version also that works extremely well on the iPad2.

    TrueHDR and Photogene also are quite useful Apps.

    • https://podjam.tv Marty McPadden

      Thank you Lionel! I love 100 cameras too!! The iPad version is great. Love having the larger screen to work with all these apps. We considered including Photogene too but went with Filterstorm instead. The iPhone, especially the iPhone 4 and iPad are made for photo apps for sure. We’re so glad you liked our list and thanks for the other suggestions!! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/mistygirlph Misty Belardo

    Hi Lionel, thank you for your suggestion, I am still learning iPhone photography and there is definitely a lot of apps out there that will bring out the beauty in every subject. I am really grateful that Marty is very patient with me and teaching me the basics. I am enjoying it a lot. In the near future we will be asking our friends on here to share their photos, hope you can join Lionel, I love the pics you post =D

  • http://thinkbrief.com Mick Gill

    http://picplz.com/ is better than Instagram in My opinion, even for the fact that you don’t have to crop your photos and is multi platform.

    Photosynth is not great either. Some better ones out there.

    • https://podjam.tv Marty McPadden

      Thank you Mick!! PIcPlz is a good suggestion too!! What we liked about photo synth is that it’s free and very simple to use. The whole panorama app category is fascinating.

      • http://thinkbrief.com Mick Gill

        I love Panoramas too. :) Thanks Marty for the good articles.

        • https://podjam.tv Marty McPadden

          You’re very welcome Mick! Thank you for being part of the community and adding to great suggestion to our list. Gotta love “iPhoneography”

  • http://twitter.com/mistygirlph Misty Belardo

    Thank you Mick for the feedback, i do love instagram and the community that is now growing in that platform but will definitely try out picplz. always good to have lots of options.

  • http://twitter.com/mistygirlph Misty Belardo

    Thank you Mick for the feedback, i do love instagram and the community that is now growing in that platform but will definitely try out picplz. always good to have lots of options.

  • http://tech18.com/ Sunil Jain

    Wow these are amazing applications :) I wish I had an iPhone :P
    As I said to Misty via DM, this post is a teaser for me to earn an iPhone :D
    Happy Blogging to you both :D

    • http://twitter.com/mistygirlph Misty Belardo

      Thank you Sunil, it is really worth getting the iPhone. So much you can do in terms of photography. I am still discovering a lot of the apps. Marty loves his apps, I am just glad that he is very passionate about photography that I learn so much from him.

  • https://podjam.tv Marty McPadden

    Thank you Sunil. You’ll love the iPhone. According to the rumor sites, iPhone 5 is just around the corner. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/acoure Adla CourĂ©

    Great list! I would also add Hipstamatic, Camera Bag, Camtastic and Infinigram. They have many different filters as well and some interesting effects. I like the ‘old school retro’ type photos that are created using Hipstamatic. The others all have different filters – some allow more control, others are preset. In any case, can one have too many iPhone photography apps?

    • http://twitter.com/mistygirlph Misty Belardo

      Thank you Adia, we really appreciate you adding to the list. I love hipstamatic and camera bag too =))

  • https://podjam.tv Marty McPadden

    Thank you Adia. Great suggestions!!

  • Russ Campbell

    Thanks for the list, I installed 5 of these! (already had one of them)

    • https://podjam.tv Marty McPadden

      You’re welcome Russ. You’ll have to let us know which one’s are your favorites.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HY2SIR7XAPBAIZZ52OBFMCI4MY Den

    Great list. I’d like to try some of the apps you’ve recommended in here. I already have Instagram and Camera+ and I have to agree that these apps are totally great. By the way, I just discovered a photography app that I find interesting, it’s called Snap-A-Note (http://tinyurl.com/7v6whwb). Very basic camera app that lets you take a photo as you would using your iPhone’s camera. However, the app has a built-in mailing system that allows you to send the photos you took to your inbox or your contacts’ email. I think it’s quite useful if you would want to have back up copies of your photos or if you would want to edit your images later on. Anyway, thanks for this round up.