Don’t Have Siri? Check Out Two Alternative Mobile Virtual Assistant Apps

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Don’t Have Siri? Check Out Two Alternative Mobile Virtual Assistant Apps
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We had a lot of fun when we made our video on  What We Like Best About iPhone 4S and iOS 5.  One of the biggest reasons we love using the iPhone is that it is simple and allows the user to be more productive. More so now with the addition of Siri. Siri is a great update for the iPhone 4S and has made it even more powerful than the previous generation iPhone.  We know not everyone will want to upgrade to the new iPhone 4S but may like to experience how it feels to use a voice controlled virtual assistant. We decided to look for alternatives to Siri that would work on either the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 plus other smart phones.  We found two and thought we would demo and share these with you, our wonderful readers.

We found a paid app and a free one which we pitted against the Siri.  The paid app is called Voice Actions which sells for $4.99 and a free one called Vlingo Both apps are available in the iTunes app store. Watch the demo and see which one you like best.  Please do tell us which one you like best.

Do you know of any other virtual assistant apps?  Please let us know, we would love to test it out too.

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  • myniffie

    haha cool app! i wanna buy an iPhone now! LOL Is Siri available on Blackberry handsets?

    • Misty Belardo

      LOL =)) Yes Jen get an iPhone NOW!! You will love it ..

  • Marty McPadden

    Thank you Jen!! You’d love the iPhone 4S. Siri is awesome!!

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  • http:// Leslie McLellan

    Hi You Two!

    Just downloaded Vlingo, so we’ll see how it goes! I was at BlogWorld, my first time too (got to be a speaker too so that was wonderful). Hope we meet next time around!! This was very helpful – I’m an Andriod user- thanks so much!!

    • Marty McPadden

      Thank you so much Leslie. Yes, hopefully we can meet at the next BlogWorld. Be sure to let us know what you think of Vlingo. :-)