What We Like Best About iPhone 4S and iOS 5

Posted by on Oct 18, 2011 | 4 comments

What We Like Best About iPhone 4S and iOS 5
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Aside from our love of travel, photography and social media, one thing that connected us initially is our interest and love for Apple.  Whether it be MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, apps, the iPad and of course the iPhone, we always end up having discussions on how it can improve our productivity. We love the sleek design and ease of use most of all. Every time there is an update for OS X , we always make sure to download and install. We spend hours talking about it and we always have a good time.

Last October 12, the latest iOS was launched (iOS5) and being the true Apple geeks that we are, we updated our iPhones and iPad and started enjoying the new features it offers. But the most fun we had was when the iPhone 4S was released last October 14 and Siri became the big buzz.  For those of you who are still wondering what iOS 5 is all about and those of you who are still contemplating getting the iPhone 4S, here is what we like best about iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

For those of you who have updated to iOS 5 and/or have purchased the new iPhone 4S, please do let us know what features you love the most.  We would love to hear from you.

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  • Anonymous

    Siri is the killer feature of the 4S.I use it to dictate text messages and emails. So much faster then using the keyboard..and I’d say more accurate too.

    • http://twitter.com/mistygirlph Misty Belardo

      Thank you Tommy, totally agree with you! =)) Siri is really an awesome update to the already powerful iPhone =))

  • https://podjam.tv Marty McPadden

    I’m with you Tommy!! I love Siri and being able to accurately dictate texts and emails. I’m not good with small on screen keyboards. For being a “beta” product, Siri is very impressive. I can’t wait to see how Apple develops this in the years ahead. =))