How To Be A Good Twitter Friend

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How To Be A Good Twitter Friend

Twitter is an awesome social media platform. Relationships and networks are formed because of the interactions that happen everyday. For us, we see so much value in being active online because we could not have had the chance to meet people from all over the world nor learn about different cultures.

If you are on Twitter everyday, we are sure that you have formed connections and friendships just like we have. You not only share helpful tips and information, but also share everyday life activities. We feel this makes the experience more enjoyable.

If you are new on Twitter and asking how you can get the most out of your Twitter experience and get maximum engagement, here are some tips and tools we hope can make Twitter more fun for you too.


If you have tips that you feel would be useful for our readers here, please leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you.



About the authors:

Marty McPadden founder and host of PodJamTv is a professional photographer, videographer, blogger, apple geek and a Production Supervisor at ESPN one of the largest sports network in the world. His vast knowledge in the above mentioned field will allow you our readers to tap into tools, apps, reviews and tips that he has learned and mastered over the years. How to’s and hacks that will allow you to have a richer online experience.

Misty Belardo co host and co writer of PodJamTv is an experienced blogger, designer and a self proclaimed Twitter-holic and an avid Facebook user is a Senior Production Manager at Barefoot Proximity, one of the most awarded advertising agencies across the globe. Her experience with writing, designing, SEO and brand and advertising strategy will give readers a point of view of what happens behind the scenes in the digital sphere.

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  • Joyce Cherrier

    Just have to say… you guys are just so awesome! :)

    Love that you talk about tweeting content that you feel will be meaningful to people that follow you. It’s tough sometimes to know what all that might be, but many times you can tell by the response to certain tweets.

    I was thinking about the use of DMs the other day. So great for communicating (I like better than email for quick convo’s) but I find (for me) it immediately turns me off when a new person I follow sends me an auto DM. It makes me want to unfollow — such a bummer because it tends to close the door instead of open one.

    All of your advice is so wonderful (especially about assuming ;) and thanks for sharing such great info like the OnSay app! I’m so blessed to know you guys!

    • Marty McPadden

      Thank you so much Joyce! We’re really blessed to know YOU!! :-) )) We’re so glad you liked our video and found the information useful. Great points about tweeting content that will be meaningful to the people that follow you and DMs. I’m glad you liked the part about assuming meaning in text based communication. It’s so easy to jump to incorrect conclusions by assuming instead of engaging and seeking additional input.

      The OnSay app we happened to find by accident and we were so impressed that we had to share with everyone.

      You’re feedback and awesome support means the world to us!! Thank you again Joyce!!! =)))

  • Misty Belardo

    Thank you so much Joyce for your valuable insights, I particularly love that you agree with us on the way people are using the DM function on Twitter. It is something that can really help in communicating better. We both liked the On Say App and was amazed by the audio quality and the best part is that it is absolutely free and can help those who would want to connect beyond 140 characters. As Marty said here, WE are so blessed to know YOU!!

  • blogomomma

    Oh my gosh – what a great podcast – I found myself talking to your video!

    Loved and related to all your great tips and ideas and I’m all over that onsay….. had to open a new window while you were talking to check that out! Very kewl…. now if only someone would call me! :O

    I feel like it’s important keep a irl (in real life) mindset.

    Good content – a smile, some small talk, a laugh, sharing useful info, some hey, did you hear/see…, with a dash of support. No one is going to hit it out of the park every time but I try my best to think that if something isn’t holding my interest…it might not hold yours either.

    Remember where you came from: We all started at one. Remember your first follower, remember your first retweet….remember when you felt like you might be talking to yourself. Yeah. Help. Others.

    DM’s are for favors and secrets…..LMBO (1/2kidding)

    Understanding: Not everyone’s job is online. Some people might miss you – if at first you don’t succeed tweet tweet again. Always agree to disagree respectfully.

    P’s& Q’s: Give thanks as much as possible. You will miss stuff -it’s just the way it is. However, “never” acknowledging people who promote your product, your ideas or you work… well -is rude. It’s like sitting across the table from someone who is telling you how great you are and all you do is -> @@ <—blank stare. R.u.d.e. Make an effort to be interested, not just interesting.

    Tweet unto others, as you would have them tweet unto you!

    Great job you two awesompotamus-uz

    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you so much bloogomama for adding so much value through your comment here. Thank you for pointing out the attitude and simple rules to follow by anyone new or old in order to get more out of the social platform. You are an awesome Twitter friend not only to us but to a lot of people following you. You are a gem!

  • Marty McPadden

    I echo what Misty said. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment and adding value here. Misty and I had a blast creating this post. You offer so many great points. Thank you again blogomomma. YOU are AWESOME!!!