Check Out The Sites We “Like” For Sharing Music Online

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Check Out The Sites We “Like” For Sharing Music Online
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Music is a universal language. Sometimes even if people don’t agree much on views or opinions, it’s often music that brings people together. Aside from being Apple geeks, it’s our love for music that has brought us closer together.  We express our feelings and comfort each other through music we share to each other on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re thrilled when we see our friends chime in and join in the conversation by liking and commenting on the music we post on our walls or retweet with comments on Twitter.

What makes music sharing fun is that most apps allow one to share a particular song with a click of a button with friends and family.  One objective we have established here at is to test out apps and share them with our readers. logo music app  -  For those who want to be a DJ on Twitter, this is still one of the best site to use. Just connect the service on your settings page and you are set to go. is free too.  You can also automatically share it on your Facebook wall as well. Just create an account, pick a song and share.  One draw back though is that some songs are not available on the site since it pulls music from You Tube. You would often times can only access cover versions of songs.

Grooveshark – is another free internet music service to listen and share music with your friends and family online.  The interface is clean and one only needs to enter the name of the song you want to play and then click enter to bring up a list of titles and singers available.  Most people prefer this site because of the vast selection of music. Gro0veshark is free to use. Another advantage is that Grooveshark is available globally and not only in the US.

Pandora msuic sharing site Pandora Pandora is a personalized internet radio that is designed to help you discover new music mixed in with music you already know and love.  Pandora is a free music sharing site and one can get 40 hours of free music a month. A premium paid option is available if you want more.  One can pay $9 for the remaining hours for the month or $36 for one year.  The interface is simple and one just needs to either enter the name of a song or singer and choices will be available for you.  An app is also available for your smartphone (Android and iPhone) as well as on the iPad.

Spotify music sharing site  Spotify - Spotify offers you legal and free access to a huge library of music. All you need to do is create an account and download the streaming music player.  One can get  free account but also have the option for an Unlimited and/or Premium account.  Both Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Premium offer enjoyment of Spotify with no ads of any kind. Spotify Premium is the complete Spotify experience, with all the benefits, including streaming music access on your mobile devices.  You can even download selected track for offline listening with a premium account. The downside though is that it’s not yet available worldwide.

slacker logo music sharing   Slacker Radio-  Slacker Radio provides Internet radio stations on the Web, portable players, and mobile phones.   It has over 100 expertly programmed genre radio stations, or you can create your own favorite radio station by building a custom station around the artists and/or songs that you love.  While listening to the Slacker Radio stations, you can customize the experience by hearting a song you like (and it will play it more often for you) or you can ban a song (and it will never play it again on that station).  You can take it on the go too. Apps are available on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. – is an exciting social based music sharing site.  If you have friends playing on Facebook then you can instantly sign in.  Enter your friend’s music room or create your own room then invite your friends.  Once inside a room, you can start queuing songs and then wait for your turn.  The graphics are awesome and one can give their opinion about a song by clicking “lame” or “awesome.”  If you want to DJ in a room there must be an open spot. This will appear as a yellow bubble that says “Play Music.”  If you click on that spot, you will move onto the stage. The DJs on stage each play a song in order from left to right. When it is your turn to spin, the first song in your queue will play. You are now a DJ! If there is not an open spot in a room you will have to wait for one to open up.  Try it out. It’s fun!

Rdio –  Rdio is a music service, where you discover music through your friends and followers. Rdio works in the browser, on the desktop, on Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7 Phone and iPhone smartphones, and on Sonos and Roku systems. Rdio also provides music downloads.    This is a paid music site, Rdio Unlimited costs $9.99/month, and supports web, mobile and supported media player use. Rdio Web costs $4.99/month, and supports web use only.  But everyone can get a free 7 day trial before you subscribe.

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  • Rob Cairns

    Spotify is still not available in Canada yet . I would like it now

    • Marty McPadden

      Hopefully you guys will get it soon Rob. It’s really a great service.