Mobile Apps for Tweeting: Suggestions Given By Our Twitter Friends

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Mobile Apps for Tweeting: Suggestions Given By Our Twitter Friends
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As more and more people are inclined to buy smart phones, more and more people are now checking their emails, taking photos, checking in via Foursquare and sharing updates and status using their mobile phones.  We are both active on Twitter and when we are not in front of our computers we will usually update our Twitter accounts via our favorite apps on our iPhones.

In one of our daily conversations, we wondered what our friends on Twitter use. We have the habit of finding out recommendations from friends and then trying them out to see which make our Twitter experience better.   So last week we asked on Twitter:  Which mobile app do you use to share updates on #Twitter and why?  And here are the responses we have gathered.

-  I use Tweetdeck on Android and UberSocial on Blackberry because they both are simply the best and non-crashing.

I prefer UberSocial for Blackberry.

– Tweetbot because the quality in both interface and interaction is very high.

– I use Snaptu because it has a notification for and DMs for Twitter and Facebook too.

-  I used to use Echofone because of photo upload but now I use

  I actually use 3 – Twitter for iPhone,  Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, I find each has its own advantages. I get push notification on my Twitter for iPhone and Hootsuite is the cleanest and TweetDeck is cool because it allows me to send long tweets, and I can see my facebook updates at the same time.  Easier on mobile.I found out that Tweetdeck has been stripping the http:// from, links that I retweet rendering the link useless so I use Hootsuite to retweet now.

- The buffer app’s mobile email to queue function, my new fave Twitter toy.

– Twitter for iPhone

- Twitter for Android

We are just happy to be back to bring you PodJamTV after Hurricane Irene.  Thank you again to everyone who have participated.  And for those of you who have missed the question on Twitter, you can still share your favorite mobile app that you use to retweet and share updates on Twitter.  Please leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you too.

About the authors:

Marty McPadden founder and host of PodJamTv is a professional photographer, videographer, blogger, apple geek and a Production Supervisor at ESPN one of the largest sports network in the world. His vast knowledge in the above mentioned field will allow you our readers to tap into tools, apps, reviews and tips that he has learned and mastered over the years. How to’s and hacks that will allow you to have a richer online experience.

Misty Belardo co host and co writer of PodJamTv is an experienced blogger, designer and a self proclaimed Twitter-holic and an avid Facebook user is a Senior Production Manager at Barefoot Proximity, one of the most awarded advertising agencies across the globe. Her experience with writing, designing, SEO and brand and advertising strategy will give readers a point of view of what happens behind the scenes in the digital sphere.

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  • Tim Dehring

    Add another vote for Tweetbot. The ability to mute people you follow is priceless.

    • Marty McPadden

      Thanks Tim!!

  • Misty Belardo

    Thank you Tim .. I need to try Tweetbot =)

  • Lionel Faleiro

    Blackberry – SocialScope
    Android – Plume
    iPhone – Twittelator
    iPad – Twittelator

    • Marty McPadden

      Thank you Lionel. Those are great suggestions too!

  • Misty Belardo

    As Marty mentioned, those are great suggestions Lionel. Thank you for sharing your apps with us and our readers.

  • dmonzel

    As much as I enjoy Twitter for Android’s push notifications, that isn’t enough to keep me using it. I’ve recently moved to Seesmic on my phone (I even have a folder set up for just Seesmic shortcuts to lists) and I’ve been using Plume on my tablet.

    • Marty McPadden

      Thank you Dan. Good suggestions for our Android friends out there. :-)

  • dmonzel

    Ah snap, forgot to mention I also use Buffer’s awesome app on both, too.

    • Marty McPadden

      Great app!! I use it a lot myself!

  • »» R ã j »»

    Awwww!!! Thanks a lot and for adding my tweet out there :)


    • Marty McPadden

      Our pleasure Raj! Thank you for participating!

  • Misty Belardo

    Your participation is very much appreciated Raj.. Keep on Tweeting =))

  • Derek Land

    Thank you for including my comment. I would’ve used Twitlonger and been more descriptive but I thought short was better. Erk. :/

    • Marty McPadden

      Good idea Derek. I love Twitlonger too!!

  • Misty Belardo

    Thank you Derek for participating, we really appreciate your feedback.

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  • shopxtreme

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    • Misty Belardo

      Thank you so much Shopxtreme we really appreciate your feedback =D