Check Out How You Can Jam With PodJamTV

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Check Out How You Can Jam With PodJamTV

Since the very purpose of creating PodJAmTV is to be able to have a venue for our readers to express their thoughts and opinions, we are launching a new segment.   We call the segment “ASK PodJamTV”.  We want you to ask us a question or make a suggestion on what you want to see featured on here at PodJamTV.   The question can be anything on social media, technology, photography and even questions you want to ask us personally.

We will pick 1 to 3 questions to answer.  We will include your questions in a blog post along with our answers.  At the start we are looking at doing this once or twice a month depending on the number of questions we will receive.


Send us your suggestions and questions and we will feature you in a blog post.  You can send us your questions through several means:

Video request:  Send us your or other video links  

Twitter: send us a Tweet #askpodjamtv

Facebook: Like us on  and post your question on our page

Voice Message: Call our Google Voice Number  203 -533-9445 and leave a voice message

Email: and use “Ask PodJamTv”  in the subject line


About the authors:

Marty McPadden founder  and host of PodJamTv is a professional photographer, videographer, blogger, apple geek and a Production Supervisor at ESPN one of the largest sports network in the world.  His vast knowledge in the above mentioned field will allow you our readers to tap into tools, apps, reviews and tips that he has learned and mastered over the years.  How to’s and hacks that will allow you to have a richer online experience.

Misty Belardo co host and co writer of PodJamTv is an experienced blogger, designer and a self proclaimed Twitter-holic and an avid Facebook user is a Senior Production Manager at Barefoot Proximity, one of the most awarded advertising agencies across the globe.   Her experience with writing, designing, SEO and brand and advertising strategy will give readers a point of view of what happens behind the scenes in the digital sphere.

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  • Sunil Jain

    Hello guys :)
    I’ve been waiting for this, as Marty told me that we’ll be coming up with such ideas :D
    I will definitely shoot the questions via DM and will be eagerly waiting for your answers :)
    ♥ Happy Blogging ♥

  • Misty Belardo

    Yay Thank you Sunil. Or why not send us a video, whatever way you want to send in your question, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Marty McPadden

    Thank you Sunil! We look forward to your questions. Would love it if you sent us a video or voicemail too! DM’s and emails are also fine too!! :-)

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