The 8 Ways To Build Relationships On Twitter

There are still so many people joining Twitter everyday. Even though many people seem to be migrating to other social networking platforms like Google plus, many still want to maintain and be active on Twitter.  The biggest reason we see is that people have already built their friendships and networks on Twitter.

Twitter is fun and we both love being active on the site.  If not for Twitter we would not have even met.  What is cool about Twitter is that fact that you can have someone to talk with 24/7.  From designers, to engineers, celebrities, teachers, bloggers, writers there is a large variety of people to interact with and engage.  But it wasn’t really so much fun when we both were starting out.  We both laugh now at the experiences we had back then but wanted to share with our readers what made it worthwhile for us in the long run.  The best way to enjoy Twitter is when you build good relationships with your followers and those you follow.

1.  Conversation is always an ice breaker –  We are both introverts by nature and we saw that the only way to break the barrier and create friendships is to actually start a conversation with the people who follow us and those we follow.  Engaging people in conversation is very much welcome on stream.  It really helps us learn more about the people we tweet with everyday.

2.  Retweeting is a great way to get noticed – We love to retweet people who share quality content.    Did you know that one of the best ways that you can say thank you to your Twitter friends is by retweeting good content they share? We are lucky to be following good curators of information.

3.  Make the effort to meet offline too –  Attending tweet ups is always fun.  We both have had the opportunity already to meet people we tweet it everyday and; believe us, the relationships become stronger when you meet with them in person.  Bonding is formed, but of course we would also caution you to make sure you still follow common sense when it comes to your security.  Take all the precautions needed before you take that step.  We will write a separate post on this subject.

4.  No drama please –  The only way you can build good relationship and network is to leave all the drama out of Twitter.  We can be personal but make sure you choose what you share too.  Remember you only have 140 characters and your words may be taken out of context and get misunderstood.

Image from Marty McPadden Flickr

5.  Never push your opinions on others – Just like in real life, we should allow people to tweet the way they want to tweet.  Everyone has their unique styles of tweeting.  Just think if everyone tweeted the  same then it will be a very boring site.  We have had our share of people telling us what to do.  Its not a pleasant experience and this is what we believe in, if you do not like the way one tweets just unfollow, it is really that simple.

6.  Being positive is contagious – Being positive both online and offline is always welcome.  Living in this already crazy world, having a place where we can get encouragement is good.  People will follow you and will love to interact if they see that you do not only share good content but also because you know how to inspire positivity.

7.  Recommendations are always welcome –  The best way to build your network and friendships is to introduce the people you know to each other.  We do that a lot and we feel great when we see people connecting on their own, plus it builds the community and create ties.

8.  Be authentic –  People will open up to you and would want to create friendships if you are who you say you are.  The reason we are okay to meet up with our Twitter friends is we know that they will find that we are the same online as we are offline.  Being yourself will open up more opportunities for you to network and also create meaningful friendships.  People have the misconception that you need to have a different alter ego online.  Just be yourself, its the only way to go.

There you go.  We hope that the tips are helpful in making your Twitter experience enjoyable and beneficial and not a time waster and that if you feel we missed anything, please feel free to leave us your feedback, we would be happy to hear them.

Drawing credit: Misty Belardo

Photo credit: Marty McPadden

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  1. says

    Love the post! “No drama please” – hehe, that particularly resonates with me, its always better to see the bright side of life! In the Buffer it goes for sure guys! :)

  2. says

    Wonderful tips that anyone who wants to know how to Twitter should read. I like the no drama rule and like to add “Please don’t tell us you’re going to bed or you are taking your car to the vet.” I was following one, supposedly influential blogger, who constantly tweeted about her life. I didn’t understand why she had so many followers. But that’s just me. :)

    • says

      Hi Benny, really happy that you enjoyed the article. I guess people use Twitter differently, we all have our style of tweeting. What is important is to always make sure to not just post links but also find a balance in what we share. Happy tweeting :)

  3. says

    A Wonderful Post You two! It brings to light, many of the same beliefs I have about the use of Twitter. While some are touting apps that “Silence the Chatter” on Twitter; I think it’s one of the most important, and HUMAN aspects of Twitter! You CANNOT build true Human relationships without engagement in all forms!
    Thank You, once again for Your insightful posts! :))))

    • says

      Thank you Ellie!! Relationships with REAL people is what it’s all about for us. You set a great example for your followers everyday Ellie! I’m honored to be your friend!! (((hugs)))

  4. says

    I’ve been reading some Twitter etiquette blog posts, but this one is the best! Thank you for sharing those tips, I’m following them from now on! ^^


  5. Joyce Cherrier says

    Love the authenticity tip! Tweaking a quote… “Let me be the person my twitter friends think I am” …when they meet me in person :)

    • says

      Thank you Joyce. I remember when we met in person, you were exactly how you were on Twitter and we instantly bonded. No awkward moment at all. I admire that so much in you. You are authentic =))

    • says

      Thank you so much Joyce! Authenticity is the only way to go. We believe everyone is special in their own way and has something unique to offer the World as long as they let their true self shine. :-)

  6. says

    Oh Yeah :) Just what I wanted :)
    I’ve become more used to Twitter DM’s than anyone on Twitter 😉
    I am considering few points from you both and always keeping a healthy relationship with everyone.

    I also tweet to certain people to start off with my conversation by knowing their sleeping time on Twitter or else your tweets will just be like you’re hitting on the wall. I use to find the sleeping time of the user I want to interact and then tweet them only when they’re awake.

    Happy Blogging & Tweeting mates 😀

    • says

      Thank you Sunil for your feed back. Wow that is a good idea.. knowing your friends’ timezones will enable you to understand why probably they aren’t answering your @replies to them. Happy blogging to you too our dear friend =))

  7. says

    Twitter is all about building relationship. One reason the tag line on my web site is Engage, Enrich, Communicate, Learn and Prosper. Without relationships your Twitter steam is just white noise and no different then a tv commercial or a radio station. The key is not to talk at people but to interact with people.

  8. Anonymous says

    Well said! I love the line “just be yourself, it’s the only way to go.” so true! Love the blog layout, by the way.

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