8 Ways To Build Your Community On Twitter

Social media is now mainstream. People are more comfortable communicating and sharing their thoughts, opinions and life via social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and even on niche platforms like Path and Pinterest. We are both happy to have friends from all over the world. It is awesome to be able to connect with people 24/7.

We are often asked the question, how are you able to engage with everyone who follows you on Twitter. Believe us it is not easy and we are sure that a lot of you experience the same thing, but we do try our best. We are just happy we have PodJam.tv as one of the vehicles that help us express our thoughts and ideas with our ever growing community. If you want to grow in social media, especially on Twitter, we believe that the only way to do so is to build your community.

1.   Introduce people to your followers – It is always good to introduce new followers to your network.  We would have not met so many amazing people if we were never given that opportunity.   People like @2morrowKnight, @Mayhemstudios@Zaibatsu, @AnnTran_, @JessicaNorthey@LoriMoreno and @GlenGilmore to name a few people who have 75,000 to well over 300,000 followers yet you see them sharing and introducing people to their networks all the time.

 2.   Follow people from different niches –  One thing we have learned is that the only way to grow our community and have the benefit of learning new and varied things is to reach out and follow people from different niches. One person we follow is @earthXplorer. He is a world traveller and we have seen the world through his eyes and photography lens. Another awesome person is @JoyceCherrier who is a fitness expert that inspires us to eat right and exercise more.

3. Learn to reciprocate – The best way to build your community on Twitter is to learn to reciprocate. Retweet and share information that your followers tweet. We make it a point to not just share our own articles but also share the ones that we find our followers would find informative and useful. As our friend @iconic88 would say, “sharing is caring” and there is so much truth in that. Some of the people we are so blessed to know and embody the true meaning of sharing are: @gupshupblog, @leaderswest, @yb2012, @terrinakamura, @ellies58@ShiCooks, @SociallyGenius, @GWPStudio@Bittymom@myniffie@YouKnowSteve.  These awesome people truly embody the spirit of “sharing is caring.”

4.  Make it a point to connect with your Twitter friends offline – This is something that we both enjoy. If you get the chance to meet your Twitter friends offline, do it. Whether it be at a conference or a Tweet-up, make it a point to contact each other and make plans to meet up. Not only is it fun but the bond you will make will be priceless.

5.  Build up rather than put down – It is so sad to see people fight or put people down on Twitter. Concentrate on building each other up rather than creating drama or putting someone down for the sake of getting attention. Nothing good will ever come out of it. We are inspired by people like @Flipbooks, @MamaBritt, @arkarthick@CharityIdeas and @Lotay. These are just some of the people who always make it a point to share information and positive encouragement that build people up.

Image by Marty McPadden on Flickr

6.  Never think that Twitter is a popularity contest –  Never think that Twitter is a numbers game. It is not the number of followers that matter, it is the quality of sharing and interaction that is really important. We are not saying that having a lot of followers is not good, it’s the placing of so much importance on it to the point of feeling invaluable because of the lack of it.

7.  Use tools available to you to connect, share and interact –  There are so many Twitter tools available for you to build your community.  One is the DM or Direct Message function on Twitter. Use it to say hello if you feel intimidated to do it on the public stream. There is also @bufferapp that will allow you to share information or retweet posts from your friends by scheduling them so that you don’t over crowd your stream.

8.  Be helpful –  We saved the best for last, the ultimate way you can build your community is by being open to help your Twitter friends. How do you do that? It is by being available to answer questions that your followers may have when it comes to learning to use the platform. Twitter has evolved so much the past few years and those people new to Twitter may have a hard time navigating their way. We encourage you to follow @TweetSmarter and @adamsconsulting as they are both great resources regarding anything and everything about Twitter.

There you go our eight ways to build your community on Twitter.  Did we miss anything?  Please let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.
Image credit: Marty McPadden Misty Belardo

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  1. says

    I’m fortunate to know several of those people personally, and they are FAR more inspiring in person! Twitter brings blessings, through the right people :)

    • says

      You are so right Jason!! We have been fortunate to meet many of the same people in person already and will be meeting more over the next several months. Inspiring is a great description!!

  2. Joyce Cherrier says

    Awesome post Misty & Marty! Great points for any of us to remember. Twitter is so much more than a sterile platform to broadcast. It’s a collection of souls, we all get the privilege to engage & connect with.

    Thank so much for the luv!! I noticed a couple of people I don’t know so I’ll be following them right away!

    • says

      You’ve definitely inspired me to eat healthier and live better, Joyce. Now I’ve just gotta get off my bum and be more active :) Not sure if you’ve been following Marty’s activity on the Nike running app, but I’ve got to give him some major props – he’s like marathon man now!!!

    • Diana Adams says

      Joyce, I love the “It’s a collection of souls, we all get the privilege to engage & connect with” – so true and so nice! :)

  3. says

    Awesome post M&M – you two definitely know the in’s and out’s of Twitter. About your first point, I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world when last month I saw a tweet from Ann Tran saying something like.. Here are 3 of my followers that I want to introduced you to @ @ @ get to know them. Simple random acts of kindness go along way. Thanks for including me with that great group of reciprocaters… Sharing is definitely sexy!!!

  4. says

    Hi Marty and Misty,

    I love this article. I feel the same way about many of the points that you have made in it:) Point 3 is a big one. Social Media is all based on giving back and if people would learn to reciprocate it would be better.

    I agree so much with point 4 to connect offline whenever possible.

    Point being helpful is something I always try and do. I think it goes hand in hand with point3.

    I know I have highlighted 3 points but they are all very important. If people follow these suggestions, Twitter will be a better place or everyone.

  5. says

    Really a wonderful article with lots of sweet tweet tips! Icing on the cake: Misty and Marty, you guys featured my name along with the greats of Twitter, fortunately all are my friends too. :) Building a community on Twitter isn’t that easy for a newbie. I hope this wonderful post of yours will help them for sure. Keep rocking the Twitterverse! 😀

  6. brittmichaelian says

    What a great post! Honored to be included here. So appreciate the shout out! Community is definitely where it’s at and the overall message that I like to convey and that many of the others listed here exemplify as well is that social media is not about “me” it’s about “we”. As long as we all can remember that, we will go right on doing our thing to make the world a better place! 😉 Much gratitude to you!

    • says

      Thank you so much Britt and very well said. You definitely speak the truth. It’s amazing how many good things happen when you place the priority on building up the community and others. Thanks again Britt!! =))

  7. says

    M&M, what an honor to be included in this post with so many wonderful people. Thanks so much, not only for the mention, but for your friendship and support.

    I love the content you both share, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Podjam.tv on YouTube, or here on your blog. I’ve learned a lot from your videos and written posts as well as the content you amplify.

    I’m so glad to have made your acquaintances early in my time on Twitter and look forward to seeing you guys sometime soon!

    Sending virtual (((HUGS)) and thanks again,


    • says

      Thank you Terri!! We have learned so much from you! Your friendship and support means so much to Misty and I. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet-up in person again very soon and this time with Misty!!! (((Hugs)))

  8. says

    What a powerful post – thank you very much for your kind mention, especially in such esteemed company! I really appreciated how powerful your points were made by showing how others achieved a level of success using these tacts! A wonderfully crafted post – thanks Misty and Marty!

  9. says

    Awesome post :) Great tips, Twitter has provided a platform where we can inspire and get inspired. Meet people whom we could never have. Just like I came here and read this just because of twitter:)
    And now I can follow you for reading more of these awesome posts .

    Cheers to the beautiful life!

  10. says

    Hello PodJam Team :)

    I have almost learned all the sharing qualities from the @BitRebels Team 😀 I love the way Misty & Diana interact with their commenters and readers on twitter. Richard is always busy, but he does find time to thank few of the frequent RT’ers and connects with them right away.

    Thanks for mentioning me here Misty & Marty :)

    Happy Tweeting 😀

  11. says

    Thanks Marty and Misty thank you so much for these tips, I really cannot thank you enough I have been trying to figure out how twitter works and community building a real pain… these tips are really helpful

    • says

      You’re welcome!! We’re so glad you found our post useful. I recommend you follow the people we highlighted as they are the ones that truly set the example online!! =))

  12. Anntran_ says

    Great post Misty and Marty! Thank you for including me in your post among fantastic Twitter friends. Look forward to meeting you both in the near futre.


  13. says

    Twitter really is an awesome place to hang out and meet people if you use it right. I’ve been there since 2008 and still love finding new people and new information every single day. Great post!

  14. Shire Hakel says

    Dearest Misty and Marty,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article and the mention.(ˆ◡ˆ)

    Love what Joyce said here: “Twitter is a collection of souls, we all get the privilege to engage & connect with.”

    I feel very privileged to have met beautiful souls on Twitter.

    Thank you for your kind friendship.

    Much Love & Gratitude

  15. Paul Brinkman says

    Excellent! Well said and all so true. Thank you for this priceless primer for newbies and refresher for those of us active in this wonderful community called Twitter.

  16. says

    Thanks for including me in this! I try to be positive within my community. I think that like attracts like and when I look around at my friends, I feel pretty darn good about what I got going on on & offline.
    Love you guys as always!

  17. says

    What an amazing Blog post! Well done. I do agree that the social media platforms are not popularity contests. Building a meaningful community that creates strong connections is the best way to utilize these opportunities to let our selves and our service shine. Thank you for this great blogpost!

    • says

      You’re welcome Erika and thank you for your kind comment. I couldn’t agree more about creating strong personal connections. That’s what it is all about for us! :-)

  18. says

    Great post! I got a few good ideas from this. My questions is this….how do you get people to ENGAGE?! Sometimes it really feels like I’m talking to an empty room…crickets…

    • says

      You can’t make people do anything. They have to want to do it. I’d suggest using some of the suggested actions in this post. The key is to be consistent over a long period of time. Don’t expect instant results. Relationships online, just like offline, take time to establish and grow.

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