7 Ways To A More Creative YOU!

We love doing article series here on PodJam.tv. One main reason is that we enjoy inspiring people to be the best they can be. Sometimes we just need little reminders to tell us: Hey, I have the potential to make the most of what I have.

We frequently encounter people saying that they need to be creative or they wish that they were more creative before they start a particular project or even act on their passion.  This can be as simple as writing a story or blog post or even creating an app. One can still be creative in their own field even if they do not delve in the arts or work in a creative agency or design studio. Here are seven ways we hope that can boost your creativity.

1. Be daring and just do it

[box] “We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” ― Kurt Vonnegut[/box]

Being creative means you need to take risks and do a lot of experimentation. See what works and what doesn’t. You just need to take that plunge and make adjustments along the way.


2. Work at it everyday

[box] “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou[/box]

To be successful at anything you really need to work on it everyday, make tweaks frequently and make sure you strive to make improvements in whatever craft, design or strategies you are working on.


3. Research is important

[box] “There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson[/box]

No matter how simple the project, make sure you make the time to learn and do research. In today’s internet age, there is an abundance of information out there to help you make improvements to yourself. When you grow in knowledge your skills will be developed too.


4. Be courageous and leave your comfort zone

[box] “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” ― Erich Fromm[/box]

Leaving your comfort zone is scary, but if you never push yourself to the limit, you will never know what you are capable of achieving.


Image of San Francisco


5. Believe in what you do and what you are passionate about

[box] “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ― Sylvia Plath[/box]

Believe in yourself and your talents. If you don’t no one else will.  It is also important to surround yourself with people who will encourage and support you.


6.  Be open to failures

[box] “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” ― Ken Robinson[/box]

No one is perfect.  You will make mistakes along the way. The difference is how you face those mistakes and failures. If you learn from your mistakes and failures then you are in a good spot. Never stay defeated. Getting up and dusting yourself off when you fail is the only way to succeed in the long run.


7.  Do it for YOU

[box] “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” ― Ayn Rand[/box]

The best way to guarantee success in everything you do is to be motivated by your desire to succeed. Do it for you. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be. Some make the mistake of doing it because they want to beat others or show the world that he or she is better than the rest. Reach high and set your own personal standard of success.


There you go our 7 ways to a more creative you.  We hope it has inspired you.  Did we miss anything?  Do leave us a comment we love to hear your thoughts.



Image Credits : Marty McPadden

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  1. says

    The seventh quote is good one, but if we are genuine – what about others they dumb us and throw us, even though we are creative and do our jobs, some legemate friends are not same us me.

      • says

        Thank you, i was really dispointed with those who betrayed and ignored me. Now i am concentrating on my works.

        Once again thank you MR.McPadden ! for reply to my comments

    • says

      Thank you so much Joyce. We are so happy that we can touch people most specially our friends with our posts. The real purpose of us doing this type of post is that sometimes we all need to be reminded of simple things for us to keep going. Your support means the world to us both.

  2. Markrogerstv says

    Love the article on creativity. We all need to cut loose and go for it. Don’t waste a day – work, enjoy, experience, live life to its fullest. Thanks for sharing. The site is amazing.

    • says

      Thank you Mark!! It’s truly a team effort between Misty and I. I knew you would definitely “get-it” regarding the themes and ideas we present here. Thanks again for all your support!!

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