The Power of ReTweeting: The 7 Reasons to RT on Twitter

If you ask someone on Twitter why they enjoy tweeting, you would most definitely get varied responses.  But a common answer would be it’s because they learn so much from people from all over the world.

For those new on Twitter you might wonder why you see people sharing a tweet with an RT at the beginning of each tweet.  This is called a ReTweet.  Re Tweeting started around 2008 when someone saw a tweet and wanted to share it but also wanted to be able to give credit to the person who shared it first.  From then on it has been a practice to RT when you find a useful content to share.  ReTweeting can be powerful and here are the reasons why you should ReTweet.

1.  Give credit where credit is due – Finding information and sharing good content is important on Twitter.  There are people you can call good curators and RTing them will allow you to give credit to those who work hard at sharing the best info.

2.  Connect people – We have found and met people who we have become good friends with because of a simple RT.  When you RT someone you literally share them to people who follow you. You connect others with the same interest on certain topics.

3.  Break the ice  – When we were new on Twitter, we were both afraid to just converse with someone because we were natural introverts, but again with a simple RT you open the way for that person to notice you and talk with you on stream.  RTing breaks the ice.

4.  Sharing is caring – One person on Twitter we both love is @iconic88 he always reminds us that sharing is caring.  RTing is also a way for you to show your appreciation for someone. An appreciation for a well written post or a good information or breaking news.


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5.  SEO – Social media is a great way to boost your searchability and online presence.  ReTweeting allows you not only to share great information with your followers, but increase your visibility in search engines. Retweeting also helps the originator of the tweet increase their visibility too. It’s a true “win-win!”

6.  Make your thoughts heard – By adding your opinion on a tweet before you re-share allows you to show that you agree or disagree with a particular opinion or quote.  Remember we only have 140 characters to work with.  RTing is a great way to be heard.

7. Build relationships –  Both of us have been enjoying our experience on Twitter because we have built connection and friendships because we have learned the power of reciprocity.  We both connected on Twitter because we in someway or another was ReTweeted and that started our friendship and now a very strong partnership.


Retweeting is powerful but also make sure that you do not sacrifice what you believe in. Only re-share things that you feel are right for you and your followers.  We know you have other reasons for retweeting and we would love to hear from you. Please do share them here by leaving us a comment.

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  1. C says

    Twitter/’tweeting’ is totally stupid and therefore so is ‘retweeting’. About on par with Facebook.

  2. Smoke Parklane says

    The French army always found it advantageous to retweet, especially in the face of the German army.

  3. doug says

    go outside and listen to the birds then make chirping sounds – increase your vitamin D production to boot

  4. Mark Maywood says

    Tweeting is for birds. Is everyone in the world so desperate for interaction that they need minute by minute contact? I can see it as an interesting teen toy but the rest of you, GROW UP! Use the phone or email.

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